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Interim Management

interim management

Human Resource Flexibility For The Organization At All Times


  1. Feel that key recruitment processes’ eat too much time, money and therefore give little return?

  2. Find it difficult to find the right candidate at the right time?

  3. Are you short on internal resources to take a new product or service to the market?

  4. Are you in need of an experienced professional to manage a period of transition, change or crisis in your organization/department?

  5. Are you expanding business locally/globally and hence need expertise for this expansion?

  6. Troubled by cost of employment and often inflexible contract terms, consequently leading to inflexibility in overhead costs?


In today’s ever changing business world there is a growing need for Interim Management professionals who offer their experience and know-how through flexible contract terms. Hence, they can be utilized by organizations, both big and small, for projects of various scale where recruitment of the right candidate would take too much time, money and present significant opportunity cost.

Needless to say, if you answered ”yes” to any of the above six questions – you and your organization should consider Interim Management as an option.


Time is money

Whether you are short on internal resources to take a new product or service to the market without losing an opportunity or your organization/department is in period of transition or crisis, you need a professional in place in a matter of days. Interim Management is, hence, the right answer for you and it comes with number of clear benefits to your company!

interim management

Unrivaled benefits through Interim Management!

Interim Management solutions offer various benefits such as:


  • Flexibility
  • Value for money (hence, total cost less than full time employee)
  • Time saving
  • Minimal administration and HR requirements
  • Clearly defined contract period (from six to as long as 36 months)
  • Clearly defined goals & objectives
  • Easy exit after contract period (hence, no exit/severence payments)
  • No side costs (such as healthcare, pension, social payments, paid vacation, company car)
  • Objectivity (no side-tracking to office politics)
  • Immediate availability

More general information about Interim Management service as a Human Resource (HR) solution can be found on IMA homepage. You can also find answers to Interim Management FAQ here.

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