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Interim Management FAQ

Interim Management FAQ HKH Consulting


1. In more detail, how Interim Management solution is more cost efficient than hiring a full time manager?

Interim Management solution comes with significant cost benefit for the company. Contracts are done based on a negotiated daily rate (+ travel expenses and applicable VAT, if relevant for the transaction). There are no social costs, no health care benefits, no pension plan payments, no company car or phone benefits or such alike to be incurred by the hiring company. Simply put, the negotiated daily rate is the only cost that the hiring company needs to think about and is, hence, treated in similar fashion as any other transaction between two companies. The hiring company is invoiced the daily rate of the Interim Manager on a set date, as specified in the contract, once per month.

Furthermore to consider, there are no exit plan payments such as severance payments at the time of departure or, in unlikely cases, in which the hiring company is unsatisfied with the performance of the Interim Manager and would need to terminate the contract prior to the agreed expiration date of the contract.


2. How quickly could my company have the required Interim Manager working on the specified assignment?

Based on the availability of the specific expertise and upon signing the contract for the Interim Management service, the Interim Manager will start the specified assignment in one (1) week. Some restrictions might apply depending on the geographical location of the assignment and hiring company.

3. What does Interim Management entail?

Interim Management service gives the hiring company an ability to quickly tap into extensive know-how and experience for a specific business need. The contract with the Interim Manager includes clear deliverables, objectives and actions within specific time period. For example, product A needs to be launched in market X by a clearly defined date (e.g., 12 months).

After the deliverables have been delivered the assignment is completed and the Interim Manager will exit the company the following day.

The contract for the Interim Management service will be drawn between the hiring company and HKH Management Consulting Ltd., Business Identity #: FI15376537, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.


4. Is the availability of your Interim Management service global?

Yes! Depending on the specific country and the nature and duration of the assignment in question some restrictions might apply. Please use the contact form to inquire more about the specific details regarding your market.