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Senior Home Care Franchise

Sisältöä elämään!® senior home care Franchise

Sisältöä elämään!® – Innovation In Senior Home Care Services

Home care franchise in Northern Europe you can be a proud owner of

Ever since our founding in 2013, our vision has been very simple: to provide well-being to elderly peoples lives through positive attitude and high-quality care, hence, providing an opportunity for independent living in own home.  As we have moved forward following our vision we have furthermore wanted to change the perception of how people in a typical Nordic Welfare State perceive private care alternative – into something that has a positive outlook and is a serious alternative to State provided care. Our aim is to now take this vision for Sisältöä elämään!® elderly care services even further through an innovative senior home care franchise model and become the number one premium class senior home care franchise in Northern Europe – starting in Finland.

We aim to take our vision for elderly care services even further through an innovative franchise model and become the number one premium class senior home care franchise in Northern Europe

Our story

Our story began from the founder’s family experience – how to obtain 5-star home care in a country where the care service is dominated by the State – and is currently growing steadily through it’s pilot operations in Southern Finland.

We are currently supporting clients and families in more than 10 communities across Southern Finland and are ambitious about our growth potential. We have, at the same time, been able to bring a positive brand image and outlook to otherwise relatively ”old fashioned” social services and care industry.

Sisältöä elämään!® is also a member of the Finnish Franchising Association and therefore follows its ethical standards in franchising business.

Sisältöä elämään!® Home Care Franchise – Growth Opportunity

Sisältöä elämään!® franchise is a great business opportunity in a recession-resistant and rapidly developing/growing industry with high profit potential.

For example, of the around 10 € billion social services industry total annual output in Finland, roughly 1,7 € billion is generated by the private sector (i.e. over 30% growth in roughly 10 years) according to the Ministry of Employment and The Economy.

The speed of privatization is increasing year by year and hence, today, private sector care is one of the fastest growth areas in the Finnish economy.

By becoming a Sisältöä elämään!® owner, you can enjoy the rewards that come with owning your own business: an opportunity for more wealth, more free time to enjoy it and a more fulfilling life.

Sisältöä elämään!® senior home care Franchise

Advantages of Sisältöä elämään!® Home Care Franchise include:

  1. Rapidly developing and growing in-home senior care market

  2. Low start up cost

  3. No inventory

  4. Group benefits for various support functions

  5. A distinct and positively imaged brand

  6. An ability to operate from your own home, hence no need to tie unnecessary overhead

  7. Set your own schedule

√ A true growth industry

With more than six million people aged 65+ expected to have some level of limitations with daily activities by the year 2030 in the Nordics alone, the need for in-home care is growing exponentially. It is predicted that by 2040, this figure is exponentially higher due to diminishing birth rates. In addition, traditional Nordic Welfare States are challenged to provide all the required services due to diminishing dependency ratios. Because of these trends, there is a huge growth opportunity for which the ”seeds of business” are planted today.

Sisältöä elämään!® is the only service provider that does not rely on National Contracts and hence is the only franchise that operates in 100% B2C environment. Furthermore, we are also one of the small percentage of franchises that offers both medical and non-medical services. With huge growth potential due to aging population and people’s desire for premium care, Sisältöä elämään!® is the top choice in senior care franchising in Northern Europe.

√ The senior home care opportunity

Home care alone generates today (2016) more than 100 € million annual output in Finland according to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Because Baby Boomers age coupled with legislative demands to provide care at home, the senior services market continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Members of this fast-growing population are recognizing the need for assistance with daily life. With three distinct service markets, Sisältöä elämään!® Senior Assistants will help: 1) elderly, 2) those recuperating from illness or injury as well as 3) individuals having the need for long-term care.

√ Ongoing training and support for your own business

As Sisältöä elämään!® owner, franchisees will benefit from a strong positive brand having an innovative premium class business model. As a franchisee you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support, with level of flexibility that is unrivaled in the care industry.

Most noteworthy, backed by our support you’ll have all the best and innovative tools to help you succeed while increasing the value of your business and making a difference in the lives of families and, most of all, elderly in your local community.

Sisältöä elämään!® senior home care Franchise

We are currently looking for Sisältöä elämään!®

  • An innovative Equity Partner(s) or Investors to propel our growth further in Finland and across Northern Europe

  • Further senior home care franchise experience needed to propel our ambitious, yet realistic, growth plans

  • Potential, high-caliber, franchisee candidates to take the platform forward locally across markets in Northern Europe

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Sisältöä elämään!® senior home care Franchise

Jari H. Helenius

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