Basics of Search engine optimization – Part 2

Search Engine Optimization part 2

Still powerful tool for the patient marketer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still extremely powerful tool for many businesses when utilized effectively and followed up on regular basis. It requires, though, that you commit time for it and understand “do’s” and “don’ts” related to SEO. The list of “don’ts” (although not complete) was covered in our previous blog post. In search engine optimization part 2 we address things that you should do – the “do’s”.

Your list of “do’s” is long…

Below is just a glimpse of what you should pay attention to and DO in SEO. Needless to say, following a clear strategy and plan of action is a must!

  • Page length at minimum 300 words
  • Pick a focus keyword for which you optimize the page
  • Pay attention to focus keyword density on your page
  • Don’t forget meta description for your page
  • Your page focus keyword should appear in the 1st paragraph of the page
  • Don’t forget Alt text behind the images you have on your page
  • Your recommended maximum word count after subheadings is 300
  • Be creative when looking into what focus keywords to use
  • Pay attention to using your focus keyword in H1 and H2 headings
  • With SEO copy you need to build up understanding on how transition words work
  • Although SEO copy is lot about percentages, you need to pay attention to readability as well
  • Pay attention to page title – not too long, not too short, just optimal
  • Work on both inbound and outbound links for your page (which one, do you think is the easiest to accomplish?)
  • The golden nugget of this blog post – Search Engine Optimization part 2 – the “do’s” are not just about on-page optimization, off-page matters too!
  • And the list of things to pay attention to goes on and on….and changes on regular basis as Google and alike come up with new twists to their algorithm. So, to keep up to date on the recent development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Jari @RealizeIdea,