Beginners SEO Tip

Beginners SEO Tip

The 324 word SEO Tip

When it comes to on-page SEO, one of the very basic SEO tip to master is the number of words your copy has in total. Although a lot in SEO can be done basically without any on-page SEO, it’s still beneficial to provide your Blog or Website visitors enough to read – compelling copy! Why is that? People have always liked to read and that basic desire has not changed even in the times of tablets, social media etc. Today our attention span might be less than what it used to be as we see millions of messages in front of us in various feeds, but when we come across something that is appealing and has our attention we won’t hesitate to immerse ourselves to reading.

So keep this in mind for your copy

When writing your copy for your site or blog remember that search engines appreciate copy that is relevant for the terminology being searched for. For example, if your site is about “car mufflers” and you want people to find your site using terms “car” and “mufflers”, don’t forget to provide the site visitor enough information (i.e. copy) about “car mufflers”. Ideally the length of your copy should not be less than 300 words. Although long copy can be boring (Yes, we are all guilty of that every now and then), search engines tend to like those sites more that have more copy (i.e. relevant copy!) on them.

Make your copy come alive

Needless to say, but when you write your copy don’t forget to think about the layout and design aspect as well. It’s completely different to read over 300 words of text in which you don’t have proper paragraphs, subheadings and enough of compelling images. There are plenty of neat things that can be done to make your copy less burdensome for the reader…that is, especially, if you’re not a master copywriter


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