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Reference Work – Guideposts

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Project ”Tienviitta”


Our client, Guideposts, engaged us to evaluate the possibility of market entry in Finland and the potential for selling and distributing inspirational content and related publications through partnerships in the market. HKH Management Consulting teamed up with key members of the Guideposts senior management team and formulated a strategy to leverage this opportunity.

Our targeted consulting work for project ”Tienviitta” consisted of:

  • Thorough market research to identify market needs and potential customer segments.
  • Research into the competitive landscape.
  • Research into potential content distribution channels in the local market — digital and print.
  • Research into potential content distribution partners.
  • Formulation and development of a project plan.
  • Implementation of a test campaign, results follow-up and analysis.
  • Recommendations for further action.

About Guideposts: Guideposts is an American-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions across America and the world. Guideposts delivers its content to private customers through various formats and channels, including printed magazines, publications, and books, and through guideposts.org online content distribution channel.For more information about Guideposts, please visit: guideposts.org


For more information about project ”Tienviitta” please contact:

Jari H. Helenius, Managing Director, HKH Management Consulting: jari.helenius@hkhconsulting.net

Rocco Martino, Senior Vice-President, Guideposts: rmartino@guideposts.org

Evan Balzer, Vice-President Business Development, Guideposts: ebalzer@guideposts.org