Copywriting and Creativity

Copywriting and Creativity

It’s NOT just Copywriting OR just Creativity

People often (mistakenly) believe that either copy or the creative part is the leading factor for success in marketing. You should, once and for all, forget this type of thinking! Compelling marketing message (most often, if not always) requires seamless interaction between Copywriting and Creativity. The creative part usually can not live without copy, and copy without compelling creative lacks the required impact. No brainer, right? Hence you need both for the maximum result.

The 3 critical C’s

Now that we’ve laid that idea forth, instead of me telling my opinion, I wanna ask the followers of this blog – do you know what are the the 3 critical C’s of successful copy? Feel free to write your answers in the reply field and I will comment back.

And yes, like any good DM copy there is a catch! I will draw 3 winners from the right answers and each will get a chance to try a pair of “Copywriting and Creativity” combos FREE of charge done and delivered by my team!


Good luck for winning the prize!



PS. Those of you who really want the red heels, just let me know

Jari @RealizeIdea,