DTC Parenting Services

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands and services exist across a multitude of categories and serve myriad of consumer purposes. In this new series we are going to dive into some of the subscription and membership based services and products. The aim of this series of short posts is to widen our horizons and share insight and examples of some not-so-obvious DTC products and services. We show how widely used and versatile Direct-to-Consumer model is and how it can be utilized for various products and services.

Let’s think, what comes to mind when we hear the concept Direct-to-Consumer? Maybe the direct-mailing collectables? The china our grandmothers used to get home in a package every month? The book club that sent us our monthly reading? Recipe cards your family collected in the box on the kitchen counter? Some kind of random memorabilia? Well, DTC is a whole lot more. Even apps like Spotify or Audible on our smartphones use this very same successful model. In this first article we’ll look into online parenting membership communities. Who would think that these programs are based on a Direct-to-Consumer model, too, and are sold using the same type of subscription method our grannies used when collecting china.

Today’s Parents

Today parents are willing to invest time, money and energy to educate themselves on becoming the best parent they can be. They’ve probably read a number of parenting books and magazines, scrolled through blog posts, spent sleepless nights listening to podcasts, searched and found parenting sites online, subscribed to newsletters and took part to webinars, online summits and workshops. They might have signed in to parenting classes and courses provided both in person and online. And they are most likely following some parenting experts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and have joined the open and private groups provided by parenting specialists and coaches.

Some of these parenting experts and coaches have taken it further to the another level and created subscription based online membership communities aimed at parents who are looking for on-going more personal, in-depth support. The service providers use social media platforms, mailing lists, podcasts and online webinars to market and promote their membership communities.

It takes a village

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. In today’s fast paced world parenting can feel lonely and challenging. Since we might not have our families near or dear nor a tribe of caring people to help, support and guide us on our parenting journey, we are lacking the natural community feel. Parenting does not have to be lonely and it´s not meant to be done alone. The membership programs and communities are answering to the demand by catering services for different parenting needs.

Whether you are parenting a strong-willed child, feeling lost and lonely with your child who travels through the world differently, are at your wits end with your sensitive child or just need a tribe of like-minded parents to share your parenting  journey, parenting membership communities might be just what you are looking for. The service providers have created safe havens and judgement-free zones we can enroll to help you to calmly and confidently navigate in the parenting world. The on-going professional guidance, being a part of a vibrant online community and getting the supporting safety network of like-minded parents will help you to foster more peaceful and joyful family life.

The Business Model

The monthly fee of some tens of dollars can include group Q&A calls, audio sessions, videos, masterclasses, worksheets, group coaching and private on-going support forum or a Facebook group for interacting with other members. You get bonuses and extra perks, special content, but most of all you get the parenting community and the feeling of belonging. You don´t have to leave the comfort of your home to be a member of the parenting community. The registered members from all the corners of the world can login to the membership services and start connecting. Goal of these membership programs is to provide support and information so parents can feel less alone, less stressed out, become more confident, competent and capable while raising future leaders, decision makers and innovators. The communities do not claim to be a substitute of medical or psychological treatment or therapy.  

The membership fee is most often billed monthly but the service providers may also offer different payment options. You can cancel your subscription anytime. To keep the service more personal the membership communities open their doors for registration on certain specific times only. If you wish to join outside of the enrollment period, you can join to the wait-list to be the first to know about the next possibility to join in. Many of the service providers offer early-bird discounts and have campaigns with special offers. Below are some examples of the online membership parenting communities.

Be on the look out for our next post where we dive into the world of self-care and are searching for the peace of mind.

References & examples

”Differently Wired Club”

One of the latest additions to parenting membership communities is Debbie Reber’s “Differently Wired-club”. Debbie is a best-selling author and a fearless advocate of neurologically atypical children. She is the founder of Tilt parenting, a vibrant web page and podcast. Her monthly membership community is aimed at supporting parents of neuro-devergent children.



     “Parenting Without Power Struggles Monthly Membership Community”

Susan Stiffelman, MTF, has founded Parenting Without Power Struggles Monthly Membership Community. Susan is a marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher, best-selling author and a licensed psychotherapist. For over 30 years she has worked with families to create greater harmony and deeper connection between parents and children.


“Happily Family”

Cecilia and Jason Hilkey offer two different membership programs through their Happily Family site, The Happily Family Village and The Happily Family Blueprint Program.

They say that the best part of their work is creating a community of parents just like us, who come to them for support, camaraderie, or help and then they say, “Aah, this feels like ‘home’. I’ve found my people.”


“Bright&Quirky Idealab”

Licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of Bright & Quirky Debbie Steinberg Kuntz offers help and support for parents of twice exceptional, 2e, children. She and her vast network of specialist guide parents through the monthly membership program, Bright and Quirky Idealab.

”Voila Montessori Parenting School”

For parents and caregivers of smaller children Montessori expert, parenting mentor and home consultant Jeanne-Marie Paynell offers parenting services through her Voila Montessori program. She combines her three passions: The Montessori method, conscious parenting and  positive discipline and helps parents and caregivers find a peaceful way to navigate through their parenting journey.


Written by Tiia Helenius, Partner, HKH Management Consulting. The writer is not a member of any of these monthly parenting membership communities, nor is affiliated in any way with the selected service providers.