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What many marketers seem to lack

..but I hope you don’t!

After following some of my Social Media feeds over the past weekend, I realized (more like, “it hit me”) what I had thought about for a long long time – there seems to be general lack of marketing understanding among people working in the field. There are so many “so called” marketers out there who don’t seem to have the basic “marketing toolkit” in place to really understand what marketing is all about. In some cases these “so called” marketeers are made to believe that only certain things matter. This one dimensional belief, to say the least, irritates me a bit and prompted me to make my first ever BLOG POST (what an accomplishment, right?).

No doubt, it’s the design that matters

Yes & No

One of my Facebook friends posted a picture he’d taken of a campaign advertising relatively well known sports brand. His post, alongside the pic, stated something along the lines “how bad the visual and creativity is” despite the “lavish” marketing budget that the company supposedly has to work with.

Comments after his followed how this particular campaign would “diminish brand value” and everything else we as individual are capable of stating in our “subjective criticism.” Now, don’t get me wrong – we are all entitled to give our opinions and naturally Social Media provides a perfect platform to this (and yes, I do respect my friends opinion too!). But what this small, but telling, post really communicated was lack of marketing understanding in my opinion.

While design and elements within the creative play an important factor in compelling marketing message, it’s the use of data (yes, your hard numbers) and targeting behind that contribute even more. Maybe it’s because the “world of marketing”, if we so call it, is dominated by people around FMCG products that we are made to believe otherwise. It feels almost as if the purpose of every campaign is to win that major award in Cannes – a true self accomplishment – that we don’t come think any other factors in the equation. Trust me though, the old saying holds true here “targeting combined with understanding your data is 80% of your campaign success”. Hence, even with mediocre design and creative (mediocre meaning: it’s not your award winning masterpiece), if your targeting is spot on, you’re guaranteed ROI.

Have metrics in place to measure success

The most important for you as a marketeer is to have proper metrics (and testing) in place to measure success of your campaign activities and overall marketing strategy. Based on your data and understanding of the behavior of your target audience, you’re in a position to translate this to compelling design that’s just perfect to carry your message to your target audience.

If this means that rounded shape is better performing than rectangular shape, although you love rectangular shapes yourself, go with rounded one! Why? Because marketing is not about what we think is “cool” or “pretty”, it’s about the numbers behind it at the end of the day!

Jari @RealizeIdea,