Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Powerful tool for the patient marketer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be extremely powerful tool for many businesses if utilized effectively. However, it requires that you commit time for it and understand “do’s” and “don’ts” related to SEO. You need to do search engine optimization on a continuous basis as the results of your SEO efforts are not materialized at the same pace as your other marketing initiatives. I can’t address it more – be patient and commit time for it!


Your list of “don’ts” is endless…

Instead of starting off with what you should do, I figured I’ll list few very basic “don’ts” first instead.

A common mistake that many businesses fall into is that they think developing a great website would be enough for search engines to love the site and rank it. Don’t think for a second that your great website design with all the bells and whistles would somehow be enough. For example, don’t think that your great  pictures would rank high without any image background technical “treatment”. It’s not just what you see with your naked eyes!

Don’t just think that great images will tell “thousand words” and that really no copy is needed to support them. Search engine optimization is a complex combination of many things and copy is pivotal part of it. Search engines do like copy, so you need it alongside your images!

On one hand search engine optimization is about proper link structure but don’t just link “inside out” as that is just half the story line. And as the list of “don’ts” is endless and always evolving, never stop learning and acquiring new knowledge to keep yourself up to date about what you shouldn’t do!

To be continued in Part 2 coming out January 2017! In the meantime have a Happy New Year’s celebration!


Jari @RealizeIdea,