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Who We Are

HKH Management Consulting - who we are

Memory lane…Back then

Remember the golden days of the 70s, 80s and 90s? TV series like Dallas, Dynasty and Friends were hot, shoulder pads and purple/pink makeup were A MUST for every woman, C-Cassette was the standard for music storage and Atari paved the way for ”computer geeks” to be born.

Back then shopping through mail order catalogues and the hopes of winning – ”You’re guaranteed $1,000,000 Grand Prize Winner if you reply TODAY!” – was considered equally as ”cool.”

We’re pretty sure you didn’t win as the chances of winning were slim to none, however, the ”greed for winning” was always there when the personalized letter came to your mailbox. That’s why you always wanted to reply and reply fast!

Awkward looking letters…

Those guys who sent your mom and dad (or maybe even you) those, often visually awkward looking, addressed letters knew something about consumer behavior that many marketers today lack.

Direct mailers from companies like Reader’s Digest, International Masters Publishers, DeAgostini, Editions Atlas, Panini, Publishers Clearing HouseTime Life. and such alike were the pioneers of how to use marketing data – hard numbers – effectively in order to accomplish two key business fundamentals in one go. Market and Sell Simultaneously with great story line behind them!

Lot of what we today know about database marketing through ”buzz words” like Big Data, Google Analytics, CRM, CDI etc. have their foundation grounded based on fundamentals behind Direct Mail (DM). Those Direct Mailers knew, among other things, how to segment customer profiles based on purchase patterns, build life-time value models, how seasonality impacts purchase behavior, what creative works best for different target audiences and during what time of the year.

HKH Management Consulting - who we are

Transforming businesses…

Many of the pioneers are long gone, some out of business a result of digitalization and inability to reconstruct their mindset to present day, but some have been able to transform themselves by taking their vast knowledge of data and analytics beyond the field of Direct Response Marketing – to the field of conventional style brand image marketing.

Business acronyms, terminology and how we apply knowledge of consumer data for the benefit of closing sales might change over time, fundamentals, on the other hand, never change! One of the leading ”transformers” in the use of database marketing fundamentals is HKH Management Consulting.

Over 20 years of professional service

Who we are - HKH Management Consulting

HKH Management Consulting & The First Chapter...

HKH Management Consulting Ltd. was founded in 1996 in Stamford, CT, USA by Heikki K. Helenius. At the end of the decade, the company moved its headquarters to Helsinki, Finland. Heikki served as the company’s owner and CEO until 2011. He had a career that spanned more than 30 years in various senior and executive roles focusing on FMCG, and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and publishing in a global environment.

Before founding HKH Management Consulting Ltd., Heikki worked at major international companies such as Unilever and Reader’s Digest, as well as at International Masters Publishers. He was actively involved in organizations promoting Finnish businesses in North America. He was a board member of the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York chapter; and a trustee for the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

Next Generation Takes Over...

Heikki and his son, Jari, often talked about working together full time. However, this never materialized, as Heikki passed away in 2011. The company leadership has gone through a generational change, with Jari taking over as managing director and part-owner, and continuing the trailblazing marketing work his father started.

During his studies Jari acted as an Assistant Consultant assisting Heikki in various client assignments ranging from Publishing to Media & Advertising industries within Europe and the U.S. Jari focused on market research, data analysis, and result presentations.

After completing his studies, Jari went on to build his own career in the telecommunications and publishing industries from which he brings more than ten years of global managerial leadership experience back to HKH Management Consulting.

Moving Forward...

Today HKH Management Consulting has offices both in Helsinki, Finland and Malaga, Spain in order to be in better position to serve clients globally.

The company has three distinct business areas: 1) Consumer Marketing consultancy services, 2) Board Advisory services and 3) Business Development consultancy services. In addition it offers Marketing Analytics services together with Upping Group.

It has consistently built its network of partners to be in a better position to serve clients across industries and channels.

A lot remains to be accomplished but we tackle matters and move forward one step at a time.